52 Week Personal Photo Project

52 Week Photo Challenge: weeks 3 & 4

Ok so I forgot to post my weeks 2 and 3 so I will post them together.  This past month has been CRAZY busy.  Now time to catch up!

Week 3: Land (artistic)

This week was about taking time to find creativity in whatever the category is.  This week was Land.  The idea is to interpret the word however you want, take an image from whichever angle, of whatever, however.  A time to let my artistic juices flow.

I had a lot of ideas for this one but when it came down to it, I just took a picture of where I was and what, at that moment, land meant to me. It’s not a great picture, or really a very artistic one in my eyes, but it fit the category for me.  The picture is what we do with the little bit of land we have set aside.  This piece of land is for growing vegetables.  This picture shows just how good I am at growing, I left the seeds in the pack and they grew from there haha.  Honestly, this little bit of earth is where I turn those tiny little seeds into something that can be eaten.  It makes me feel great being able to grow my own food.  I love that I can show my kids how to do it as well.  I love my little bit of land, to me it is so much more!



Week 4: Mirror

This weeks goal was to tell a story involving a mirror.

This was easy for me to do since my girls are OBSESSED with the mirror.  This is typically how I find them after I dress them in the mornings.  Sometimes when they are missing I will find them in front of the mirror just looking at themselves.  My littlest one likes to give herself a kiss every time she goes by.  Man do I love these girls!



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