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Loving this new lens

I love, love, love this new lens!!  I really think it is helping my pictures tremendously.  So much so that I even scheduled my first photo shoot with someone other than my kiddos.  It’s still to practice and therefore free but it’s a start.  Every day I just keep getting closer and closer.

I even created a logo/watermark.  Starting to get real!


Just a pair of Green Boots

We took a trip to my parents this weekend to help build a fence.  Eli and Avery had a great time playing outside, especially since no one made them put clothes on!  Eli was also excited to wear his new green boots. Since I just received my brand new 50mm lens in the mail earlier in the week I decided to test it out over the weekend.  It is a great lens and I think I captured some good pictures of the kids playing around outside.  My main focus of the shoot was Eli’s green boots, as you can see!!  I also played around with a new editing style.  It’s definitely different than the bold colors a lot of others do but I kinda love it.  Very happy how they turned out.

Green Boots


First Upgrade

In photography the equipment you use is not everything.  A good photographer can get a great picture no matter what they are shooting with, but…..good equipment just makes that great picture that much better.  Say hello to my new 50!!

This 50mm fixed zoom has amazing quality, especially compared to the lens that came with my camera.  It is amazing the difference it makes.  So far I am so happy with this purchase.  It is going to take me a little bit to get use to not being able to zoom in and out but I think this will make me just a tad bit better since I really need to think about the picture I want and move myself closer or farther.  This will for sure keep me on my toes and give me an even better picture.  One step closer to my dream!!




As I mentioned in my first post, I have made progress since I started.  This is due to LOTS of practice with my camera and many, many online reading and videos on editing and camera usage.  I did take a photography class as well that was helpful in letting me know I was learning and utilizing what I learned correctly.

I am going to attach a few pictures just to show some progress I have made.  I know I have a long way to go but it is a start!

2013- good color on some but not the best I’ve seen. These are with a point and shoot.

2014- New camera. Learning how to edit.

2015- Had a few more good ones but again was learning to edit so they look about the same.

2016-  Another look at my pictures from this year.  Same camera but after some practice shooting and editing.

This should mean by the end of this year, I might be good!!  🙂


My start…

I’m Heather!  I am hanging on to the last few months in my 20s spending all my time with my three beautiful babies, my handsome husband and my camera.  I went from being a full time mommy, wife and scientist at the University of Illinois to being just a full time mommy and wife 4 months ago.   It has been a HUGE change for me but I am enjoying every  minute.  Not only is my new “job” giving me so much more time with my kids and my husband, but it has given me time to start up my interest in photography once again!  I couldn’t be more excited to see what the future holds for me now!

Photography became a huge interest of mine in middle school when I saved every penny I had to buy myself an amazing SLR camera.  That’s right, there is no D is front of that!!  I dreamt of taking pictures and then shutting myself up for hours in a dark room developing the amazing (because of course they would be) images that I created.  I carried that camera around with me everywhere, always taking pictures and annoying my family.  As I entered into high school everyone started to switch to digital cameras.  I didn’t want to make the switch, loving my film camera and not wanting to be like everyone else.  It didn’t take long for film to be the WAY less popular way to go and being a broke high schooler going off to college I just didn’t have the money to upgrade my camera.  College came next and I decided to spend my time on my major, Animal Sciences.  Photography had gotten pushed aside for what I thought was going to be my career.  Although I didn’t have a great camera anymore, I still took pictures every where I went with my digital point and shoot.  I still loved taking pictures but it was a hobby not a living.

Four years ago I married the love of my life and we found out we were expecting a baby.  Knowing how many pictures I was about to start taking of my little one, I decided to buy myself the DSLR I had been wanting for years.  Baby Girl came and a short year and a half later came our little man.  Since our first baby made her joyous appearance I have started taking pictures and trying to improve.  I have taken a photography class through the college and am spending my free time (crazy but yes I do have some) learning all I can about my camera, taking great pictures and editing.  When our third baby, little miss came, I decided to quit my job and focus on the things I love.  In just a few short years I have come a far way and am working towards becoming a true photographer!

As I mentioned, I started off taking pictures of my little girl but they honestly were not that impressive.  By the time my little guy came I had gotten a bit better.  Below you can see where I started at with Mr. Eli.