Child photography, Photo challenge


37: NumbersDSC_0295


39:Black and whiteDSC_0334

40:Fragrant- love the smell of flowersDSC_0342

41: Play



I swear I am trying to take pictures of something other than my kids.  It’s just so hard to do.  I have a lot of different lists of ideas for photos and they just all seem to involve my kids. Plus it’s so hard not to use them when I am with them 24/7 well and they are amazing models!  I found some new lists that I will have to break out and use more objects, things that are pretty different for me but I am trying to not take every picture this year of just my kids.

34: Best Part of my Job-  Best parts are all the smilesDSC_0220

35: Something funny- I have no idea what was funny but they think something is

36: Relax-  feet up and definitely relaxed on our walk


Learning, learning, learning

When doing anything it is a non-stop learning process.  Photography is definitely not new to me by any means but man there is so much stuff to learn from the actual camera, proper picture taking, editing, business, it’s a non stop influx of information.  So since there is still so much to learn this is how I spend my time while the kids are napping.  Pen in hand and computer on listening to webinars, tutorials and reading anything and everything I can.  It takes a lot to be a great photographer and I am ready to do what I have to do to be the best!


Child photography, Photo challenge


I managed to get a picture for every day this week!  Woohoo GO me!  Now I will admit that I did not TAKE a picture everyday but used pictures that I took days ago as well.  I feel that not only is it important for me to take pictures but also to edit them.  So I used older pictures to edit them to get the practice at that too. I also didn’t take all of these with me DSLR, a few are from my Iphone.   Again not ideal but it is more about the practice of taking the pictures and editing them than using the camera itself. I do need the practice with my camera of course but this 365 day challenge is to become a better photographer and that is done by seeing something and taking a picture, learning the camera, and editing.  As long as I’m doing one of these things it is learning in my eyes!

29: Gather- every time we go on a walk my kids have to pick up every stick they find.  They have fun though so go for it kids!


30: Follow-  this one was done with my phone so bad quality but I still like the picture


31: Flower- Tried to take this at a different angle.  Really trying to branch our of my comfort zone and shoot other things besides people.


32: Most important meal-  not a great picture by any means, definitely need practice with food photography


33: Imagination- my favorite picture I took this week editing my favorite way!  Just love


Child photography

Black and White

I love black and white! Honestly a lot of times it is my go-to edit.  Now that I am taking professional pictures I am doing a lot less black and white and trying to stick with color.  Color pictures are great, I love color I really do but you just got to love a good black and white.  Also a little photography tip, it is a great fall back edit.  I often get pictures that are too dark so end up grainy, pictures where I can’t get the color right or the colors are just blending too much.  Turn that picture to a black and white and not only does it cover what you can’t fix but it makes it a whole new picture! It’s amazing. I thought since I have been doing so many color pictures I would give my black and white some love and have a little fun with it!

*Not only do I like black and white but I apparently really like taking pictures of kids looking down!! HAHA

Photo challenge

24-26/365 Day Challenge

I did a little better this week.  I think splitting it up and posting every couple days helps a lot!  Here is what I took the last couple days.  Honestly I still didn’t get them all, day 27-28 are nonexistent 😦

24: Cruise- this guy was just cruising down the sidewalk, walking in the puddle.DSC_0987

25: Fresh – nothing better than a fresh cup of coffee in the morning


26: Imagination –  she was excited about this rock, and the background is pretty cool!  Oh she had her face painted like Hello Kitty


Child photography, Photo challenge

22-23/356 Day Challenge

After failing with my 365 Day Challenge these past couple weeks I have decided to start posting every couple days instead of once a week.  I’m hoping that this might help me keep up with my daily challenge better and it also gives more on my blog to look at!

I think I should be at around day 22 so we will start with that.

Day 22: First – I took a picture of my First born using all natural window light.


Day 23: Laughter- lots of laughter while jumping in mud puddles after the rain.


Photo challenge

Photo Challenge Week 3

Ehh  I did bad this week.  I know I keep saying it but life gets busy.  One day I will take a bunch of pictures and the next I don’t touch my camera.  I know the point of this challenge is to pick up my camera daily but sometimes it just isn’t possible.

That being said, at least the few I did take I am really happy with.

The first day challenge was car followed by red.  I thought I would take a picture of my red car and see what I was able to get the next day, car or red.  Well I ended up taking the picture and just loving it as black and white so Car it was.  Unfortunately I never did red 😦
This car picture has become one of my favorite pictures, I just love it!


Here are some more I took this week. Enjoy!!