Photo Gallery Change

Well I’m only a few months into this and I already had to switch photo galleries.  The first few galleries I did you can find at here. I really liked the gallery but I found one that is a lot cheaper and holds more photos.  From now on you can find my galleries at the new site HERE!  I will still send the link to specific galleries to you when your photos are ready to be viewed but in case you want to browse some of my other session feel free to look around!


Photo challenge

365 Photo Challenge: Week 2

This week I still didn’t get my daily picture but I did give it a better go.  I have been using a few different challenges and then picking what is the easiest picture for me to do.  Given that I stay home most days my options for picture opportunities is pretty limited.

This weeks pictures:
Clouds – taken with my phone actually
Rolls-  I chose baby rolls of course

week 2

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Emily and Erin

I had so much fun with these girls on our shoot!  They have so much life and love in them and the love they have for each other is so great to witness. Sisters are such a blessing, it can be one of the greatest friendships ever and you can see this in these two.

Just look at these beautiful young ladies. I can’t believe how grown they are, dad Jimmy is going to have his work cut out for him trying to keep the boys away!


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Norman Family Pictures

One more Sneak Peak for the blog today.  These guys are troopers, it was 90 degrees out with 90% humidity and the kiddos were tired but they did amazing.  Despite trying to go fast to get out of the heat and avoid meltdowns we got some pretty good shots.  I mean really they made it pretty easy for me.  Little Miss Kai didn’t want to smile after the first couple minutes but I still got some good faces from her!!



Grandma and Grandpa Lopez

This past weekend not only did I take pictures of my parents, capturing the amazing moment I posted about the other day but I also took some pictures of them with their grand babies.  This isn’t all of the grand kids, just the youngest ones.  In total, Grandma and Grandpa Lopez have 10 grand kids!  I’m a little biased since my babies are in these pictures but I love them.

Boy is it hard to take pictures of so many little ones.  I took tons of pictures and still didn’t get any of everyone looking.  That’s ok, the pictures show all of their little personalities which makes them even better!



Miss Isabella

I had a lot of fun this weekend with this little one.  She definitely made me work for my pictures but it was so much fun.  I love working with kids, they may not be cooperative all the time but you can chase them around and do silly things and they love it.  And look at her boots!!!  Just love it all!



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My parents

This was a very exciting weekend for me as I did a few different shoots.  They were mainly of my family and didn’t go as planned but I did get some good shots.

I plan to put up the “sneak peaks” of my photo sessions throughout the week but I had to start off with my parents.  My younger sister and I had our kids at my parents house this weekend so we decided to take a few pictures of my parents with our kiddos and I wanted to get some pictures of my parents together as well.  A lot of years ago we took family pictures and they captured an amazing picture of my parents together.  They both looked so happy and my  mom had the smile my dad loves so much.  My parents have the picture in their house and my dad always talks about how much he loves it.

As I was taking pictures of them this weekend I was hoping I could capture a picture as good as that one we all love so much.  After going through their pictures I am unbelievably pleased because I may have caught a picture even better than the one so many years ago.  As I looked at this picture after I finished editing it (in black and white since it is my Dad’s favorite) I had tears in my eyes.  For me, this picture says so much.  These are my parents, exactly how I think of them, happy, full of life and love.  If this picture doesn’t say LOVE I don’t know what does.  There is so much love in this picture, they way they are looking at each other, its undeniable.  It brings happy tears to my eyes because I know how much they go through every day with the stresses of us kids, their business that they own together and just life.  This picture makes it seem like none of that exists, it shows that despite all of those stresses, they still love each other more than anything.  I’ve said it before but this is why I love photography, moments like this, moments that sometimes don’t show very often but that can be captured and remembered forever.


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Photo Challenge:Week 1

To keep up with my growth in photography I am going to complete an entire 365 day challenge.  That’s right, one whole year!  You can’t get better if you don’t practice, practice, practice so that is what I am going to do.  Every single day for the next year I will take a picture, edit it and once a week I will post the pictures here on my blog.  Not all my pictures are going to be good, that’s for sure.  But the point of this is to grow as a photographer, not only in taking the pictures but in seeing things differently, seeing things that I wouldn’t normally take pictures of and make it into art, into a memory of some sort.  I am really excited to see the difference between this first week and the last.

I am not just taking a picture every day, if I did we would all start getting tired of looking at my kiddos, no matter how beautiful they all are.  Instead I am looking up photo challenges.  Not only does it give me good ideas but it keeps me shooting different things.  I will still use my kids in most of them but not all of them.  My passion in photography is to take pictures of kids, families, parents, people.  This is going to make me step out of my comfort zone and is going to be a great learning experience.

Week 1 Challenge: I found this challenge on a site I follow on Instagram.  They post one every week so I may do a lot of these. I am not overly impressed with myself this week.  I took the pictures but I can honestly say I did not give it 100%.  I promise to do better next week

1: Braid
2. Splash
3. Melt
4. Under
5. Homegrown
(I know there are 7 days in a week but… I cheated)

Photo challenge



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Lori and Tony’s Grandkids

This weekend I had the privilege of doing a shoot for my sister and brother-in-law’s grandkids to get some experience for my portfolio.  These kids were all over and definitely made me work!  Really though they did great.  The girls loved getting their pictures taken and the boys didn’t seem to mind at all.  It was hot and super bright out so lots of closed eyes but I did manage to get a couple group pictures with all eyes open and everyone smiling.  Even though they aren’t all looking right at me, I count it as a win!

I had a great time and am pretty happy with the pictures of these beautiful kiddos.