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Newborn Sessions

ModlifeMarketingBoard-5x5Newborn sessions have become very popular and there are so many different ways to do them.  From styled to lifestyle I can do them all, they are so much fun and I just love all the different visions everyone has for their pictures. Newborn pictures are such great ways to remember all the details of your little one and to have memories to cherish for always!

This week I have put together some information and tips if you are looking to or need to book a newborn session this year.  I am booking for spring now but I am unfortunately not booking for the summer months June, July or August 2018 as I am expecting my own newborn sometime in June! Contact me if you would like more information on sessions or booking.

When scheduling a newborn session please remember that newborns have a mind of their own and do not always follow the schedule we would like them to have.  This is why my newborn sessions are up to 3 hours of session time.  This allows plenty of time to set up different things, feed and change baby, and get baby back to sleep if needed.  These sessions also take a LOT of editing sometimes because not every baby has perfect baby soft skin.  Baby acne, jaundice, scratches, redness, and bruising are all common and are things I will gladly fix on your precious baby.  Because of this I will say that newborn sessions do tend to cost a little more than regular sessions and tend to take the entire 2 weeks or more to finish and get into your gallery.  My newborn sessions include up to 25 fully edited images with print release.  As long as we are able to get a good amount of images I will try to include around 30-35 images in your gallery for you to choose from.  Unfortunately there are not always that many to add into your gallery, I will do the best I can with your little one.

Scheduling: It is best to schedule your newborn session for about a week after your due date to ensure you have a spot on my schedule.  I understand babies do not always wait for their due dates and like to come early.  If this is the case, let me know when baby arrives and we can try and schedule you sooner.  It is preferred to take newborn pictures in the first 14 days of life when baby is still very sleepy and easier to work with.  Do not worry if we are unable to schedule you right away, newborn sessions can be done at any time, an older less sleepy baby may be a little harder to work with when it comes to wrapping them but they may be awake more and therefore we might be able to get more pictures of them with their eyes open!

Location: The location of your newborn session is entirely up to you!  I am happy to come to your home if you have good natural lighting or I have an indoor location to use if you prefer.  During the summer months when the weather is warm, outside is always an option.

Props:  If you would like to do a specific theme or color scheme let me know beforehand.  I will have props and backgrounds ready for your session.  I do have wraps, blankets, baskets and some other various items for you to pick from.  You are also welcome to bring your own props you wish to use.

What to wear:  Newborn outfits, diaper covers, blankets, wraps are all good things to put your baby in for your pictures.  Outfits do tend to be a bit big and can cover baby’s face, just something to think about when choosing which ones to use.  Baby can be naked for some, if not all, of the images so please keep that in mind when deciding what to get.  If you choose to have others in the images, baby, mom/dad or siblings, it is best to put them in more solids or neutral colors.  It is important to keep focus on the subjects.

If you have any additional questions feel free to contact me.  Newborn sessions for 2018 are $300 and include the 3 hours of session time and 25 fully edited digital images.  A $50 nonrefundable retainer is required to book.  I understand not everyone feels they need that much time or images but if you are wanting to do newborn pictures I do ask that you book the newborn session, I will not be booking newborn sessions as standard sessions.




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Haven’t posted in about a week and have done some serious slacking.  For some reason this was just not my week.  Nothing bad has happened, I just have had zero motivation.  That being said I have not done well with pictures.  I did get some new presets and have been playing around with them but haven’t taken my camera out much.  Bad I know.

I took some and have added them below.  To try and help bring back motivation I found a new photo idea list that goes through the alphabet.  I think this could be fun and help me think out of the box more.  I started today and will post today’s picture and hopefully tomorrows sometime tomorrow night!


Child photography, Photo challenge


I managed to get a picture for every day this week!  Woohoo GO me!  Now I will admit that I did not TAKE a picture everyday but used pictures that I took days ago as well.  I feel that not only is it important for me to take pictures but also to edit them.  So I used older pictures to edit them to get the practice at that too. I also didn’t take all of these with me DSLR, a few are from my Iphone.   Again not ideal but it is more about the practice of taking the pictures and editing them than using the camera itself. I do need the practice with my camera of course but this 365 day challenge is to become a better photographer and that is done by seeing something and taking a picture, learning the camera, and editing.  As long as I’m doing one of these things it is learning in my eyes!

29: Gather- every time we go on a walk my kids have to pick up every stick they find.  They have fun though so go for it kids!


30: Follow-  this one was done with my phone so bad quality but I still like the picture


31: Flower- Tried to take this at a different angle.  Really trying to branch our of my comfort zone and shoot other things besides people.


32: Most important meal-  not a great picture by any means, definitely need practice with food photography


33: Imagination- my favorite picture I took this week editing my favorite way!  Just love


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Emily and Erin

I had so much fun with these girls on our shoot!  They have so much life and love in them and the love they have for each other is so great to witness. Sisters are such a blessing, it can be one of the greatest friendships ever and you can see this in these two.

Just look at these beautiful young ladies. I can’t believe how grown they are, dad Jimmy is going to have his work cut out for him trying to keep the boys away!


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Norman Family Pictures

One more Sneak Peak for the blog today.  These guys are troopers, it was 90 degrees out with 90% humidity and the kiddos were tired but they did amazing.  Despite trying to go fast to get out of the heat and avoid meltdowns we got some pretty good shots.  I mean really they made it pretty easy for me.  Little Miss Kai didn’t want to smile after the first couple minutes but I still got some good faces from her!!



Grandma and Grandpa Lopez

This past weekend not only did I take pictures of my parents, capturing the amazing moment I posted about the other day but I also took some pictures of them with their grand babies.  This isn’t all of the grand kids, just the youngest ones.  In total, Grandma and Grandpa Lopez have 10 grand kids!  I’m a little biased since my babies are in these pictures but I love them.

Boy is it hard to take pictures of so many little ones.  I took tons of pictures and still didn’t get any of everyone looking.  That’s ok, the pictures show all of their little personalities which makes them even better!


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My parents

This was a very exciting weekend for me as I did a few different shoots.  They were mainly of my family and didn’t go as planned but I did get some good shots.

I plan to put up the “sneak peaks” of my photo sessions throughout the week but I had to start off with my parents.  My younger sister and I had our kids at my parents house this weekend so we decided to take a few pictures of my parents with our kiddos and I wanted to get some pictures of my parents together as well.  A lot of years ago we took family pictures and they captured an amazing picture of my parents together.  They both looked so happy and my  mom had the smile my dad loves so much.  My parents have the picture in their house and my dad always talks about how much he loves it.

As I was taking pictures of them this weekend I was hoping I could capture a picture as good as that one we all love so much.  After going through their pictures I am unbelievably pleased because I may have caught a picture even better than the one so many years ago.  As I looked at this picture after I finished editing it (in black and white since it is my Dad’s favorite) I had tears in my eyes.  For me, this picture says so much.  These are my parents, exactly how I think of them, happy, full of life and love.  If this picture doesn’t say LOVE I don’t know what does.  There is so much love in this picture, they way they are looking at each other, its undeniable.  It brings happy tears to my eyes because I know how much they go through every day with the stresses of us kids, their business that they own together and just life.  This picture makes it seem like none of that exists, it shows that despite all of those stresses, they still love each other more than anything.  I’ve said it before but this is why I love photography, moments like this, moments that sometimes don’t show very often but that can be captured and remembered forever.


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Photo Challenge:Week 1

To keep up with my growth in photography I am going to complete an entire 365 day challenge.  That’s right, one whole year!  You can’t get better if you don’t practice, practice, practice so that is what I am going to do.  Every single day for the next year I will take a picture, edit it and once a week I will post the pictures here on my blog.  Not all my pictures are going to be good, that’s for sure.  But the point of this is to grow as a photographer, not only in taking the pictures but in seeing things differently, seeing things that I wouldn’t normally take pictures of and make it into art, into a memory of some sort.  I am really excited to see the difference between this first week and the last.

I am not just taking a picture every day, if I did we would all start getting tired of looking at my kiddos, no matter how beautiful they all are.  Instead I am looking up photo challenges.  Not only does it give me good ideas but it keeps me shooting different things.  I will still use my kids in most of them but not all of them.  My passion in photography is to take pictures of kids, families, parents, people.  This is going to make me step out of my comfort zone and is going to be a great learning experience.

Week 1 Challenge: I found this challenge on a site I follow on Instagram.  They post one every week so I may do a lot of these. I am not overly impressed with myself this week.  I took the pictures but I can honestly say I did not give it 100%.  I promise to do better next week

1: Braid
2. Splash
3. Melt
4. Under
5. Homegrown
(I know there are 7 days in a week but… I cheated)

Photo challenge