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Gwen Suzanne

Gwen Suzanne was born on June 22nd at 7:18am after less than only 5 hours of labor!! She was 6 pounds 14 ounces and 19 inches long.  She was beautiful!

At 2:30am I had my first contraction, one I knew was the start of what would bring our beautiful baby girl into the world.  Around 5am we were on our way to the hospital anxious for what was to come.

At my 30 week prenatal appointment we learned that our sweet baby girl was breech.  Being our 4th and final baby (for real this time) I was so nervous that I would have to end my pregnancy journey with a c-section, something I have been so blessed to have been able to avoid.  After talking with my doctor we decided that even if our baby girl stayed breech, as long as everything continued to go well, we would deliver her instead of just opting for a c-section.  We tried everything to get the baby to turn but she wasn’t having it.  We were so excited and nervous as the days drew closer.  As we headed to the hospital the morning of June 22nd, both Patrick and I thought about all that could happen with delivering our baby breech, but at the same time as we drove a calm came over us as we accepted that the days events were not in our hands and that everything would be ok.

After checking into the hospital I walked around and labored in the room until it was time.  At a little after 7am the doctor broke my water and in minutes, after only about 1 and a half pushes, our baby girl was born, butt first!  Everything went perfectly and we had such an amazing experience watching our little one come into the world.  We all did great and Miss Gwen’s big sisters and brother were there to meet her just hours later.  We are so beyond blessed!!!!

It took a few tries but I was able to get some newborn pictures of our little girl. It is so different taking pictures of my own children, even as a 2 week old Gwen didn’t want to cooperate for me.  With the help of big sister Avery, I was able to capture some great pictures. Isn’t she just perfect?!?


It has been a great summer as we adjusted to a family of 6.  I missed taking pictures this summer but I really enjoyed being able to take time to spend with my family.  Our little Gwen is now 2 months old and almost a completely different baby.  It has been great seeing her with her siblings and I am so glad were have all been home to enjoy her.



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Major Milestone Package 2018


I have highlighted my Newborn and 1st Birthday/Cake Smash sessions but this one is a combination of both!!  If you are planning on getting more pictures of your little ones besides just newborn then this package is for you.

My Major Milestone Package includes a Newborn, 6 month, and 1st Birthday/Cake Smash session in one and at a discounted price.  For the newborn and 1st birthday sessions you get exactly what you would get if you booked them alone while the 6 month session comes with 1 hour of session time and up to 10 digital images.  I love the idea of getting pictures throughout the first year since we all know just how much little ones change in such a short amount of time.  The total of this package is $500, $300 is due at the newborn session, $75 at the 6 month, and the remaining $125 at the 1st birthday session.  Additional sessions can be added on for a discounted price as well since  I know some people like to have pictures done more frequently in the first year.

Additionally, I also offer a Maternity and Newborn package.  It is completely understandable that some parents want to just take pictures themselves throughout the first year.  If this is the case no problem there are still options for you!  My Maternity and Newborn session is $375 and includes a full standard session for maternity and a full newborn session.  A Maternity session can also be added onto the Major Milestone Package for half the original price.

The first year of your child’s life is so important, I am so glad I can offer options that can hopefully fit into everyone’s schedule and budget.


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Newborn Sessions

ModlifeMarketingBoard-5x5Newborn sessions have become very popular and there are so many different ways to do them.  From styled to lifestyle I can do them all, they are so much fun and I just love all the different visions everyone has for their pictures. Newborn pictures are such great ways to remember all the details of your little one and to have memories to cherish for always!

This week I have put together some information and tips if you are looking to or need to book a newborn session this year.  I am booking for spring now but I am unfortunately not booking for the summer months June, July or August 2018 as I am expecting my own newborn sometime in June! Contact me if you would like more information on sessions or booking.

When scheduling a newborn session please remember that newborns have a mind of their own and do not always follow the schedule we would like them to have.  This is why my newborn sessions are up to 3 hours of session time.  This allows plenty of time to set up different things, feed and change baby, and get baby back to sleep if needed.  These sessions also take a LOT of editing sometimes because not every baby has perfect baby soft skin.  Baby acne, jaundice, scratches, redness, and bruising are all common and are things I will gladly fix on your precious baby.  Because of this I will say that newborn sessions do tend to cost a little more than regular sessions and tend to take the entire 2 weeks or more to finish and get into your gallery.  My newborn sessions include up to 25 fully edited images with print release.  As long as we are able to get a good amount of images I will try to include around 30-35 images in your gallery for you to choose from.  Unfortunately there are not always that many to add into your gallery, I will do the best I can with your little one.

Scheduling: It is best to schedule your newborn session for about a week after your due date to ensure you have a spot on my schedule.  I understand babies do not always wait for their due dates and like to come early.  If this is the case, let me know when baby arrives and we can try and schedule you sooner.  It is preferred to take newborn pictures in the first 14 days of life when baby is still very sleepy and easier to work with.  Do not worry if we are unable to schedule you right away, newborn sessions can be done at any time, an older less sleepy baby may be a little harder to work with when it comes to wrapping them but they may be awake more and therefore we might be able to get more pictures of them with their eyes open!

Location: The location of your newborn session is entirely up to you!  I am happy to come to your home if you have good natural lighting or I have an indoor location to use if you prefer.  During the summer months when the weather is warm, outside is always an option.

Props:  If you would like to do a specific theme or color scheme let me know beforehand.  I will have props and backgrounds ready for your session.  I do have wraps, blankets, baskets and some other various items for you to pick from.  You are also welcome to bring your own props you wish to use.

What to wear:  Newborn outfits, diaper covers, blankets, wraps are all good things to put your baby in for your pictures.  Outfits do tend to be a bit big and can cover baby’s face, just something to think about when choosing which ones to use.  Baby can be naked for some, if not all, of the images so please keep that in mind when deciding what to get.  If you choose to have others in the images, baby, mom/dad or siblings, it is best to put them in more solids or neutral colors.  It is important to keep focus on the subjects.

If you have any additional questions feel free to contact me.  Newborn sessions for 2018 are $300 and include the 3 hours of session time and 25 fully edited digital images.  A $50 nonrefundable retainer is required to book.  I understand not everyone feels they need that much time or images but if you are wanting to do newborn pictures I do ask that you book the newborn session, I will not be booking newborn sessions as standard sessions.





My start…

I’m Heather!  I am hanging on to the last few months in my 20s spending all my time with my three beautiful babies, my handsome husband and my camera.  I went from being a full time mommy, wife and scientist at the University of Illinois to being just a full time mommy and wife 4 months ago.   It has been a HUGE change for me but I am enjoying every  minute.  Not only is my new “job” giving me so much more time with my kids and my husband, but it has given me time to start up my interest in photography once again!  I couldn’t be more excited to see what the future holds for me now!

Photography became a huge interest of mine in middle school when I saved every penny I had to buy myself an amazing SLR camera.  That’s right, there is no D is front of that!!  I dreamt of taking pictures and then shutting myself up for hours in a dark room developing the amazing (because of course they would be) images that I created.  I carried that camera around with me everywhere, always taking pictures and annoying my family.  As I entered into high school everyone started to switch to digital cameras.  I didn’t want to make the switch, loving my film camera and not wanting to be like everyone else.  It didn’t take long for film to be the WAY less popular way to go and being a broke high schooler going off to college I just didn’t have the money to upgrade my camera.  College came next and I decided to spend my time on my major, Animal Sciences.  Photography had gotten pushed aside for what I thought was going to be my career.  Although I didn’t have a great camera anymore, I still took pictures every where I went with my digital point and shoot.  I still loved taking pictures but it was a hobby not a living.

Four years ago I married the love of my life and we found out we were expecting a baby.  Knowing how many pictures I was about to start taking of my little one, I decided to buy myself the DSLR I had been wanting for years.  Baby Girl came and a short year and a half later came our little man.  Since our first baby made her joyous appearance I have started taking pictures and trying to improve.  I have taken a photography class through the college and am spending my free time (crazy but yes I do have some) learning all I can about my camera, taking great pictures and editing.  When our third baby, little miss came, I decided to quit my job and focus on the things I love.  In just a few short years I have come a far way and am working towards becoming a true photographer!

As I mentioned, I started off taking pictures of my little girl but they honestly were not that impressive.  By the time my little guy came I had gotten a bit better.  Below you can see where I started at with Mr. Eli.