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Austin’s 1st Birthday/Cake Smash Session| Gibson City Child Photographer

This boy is ADORABLE! This little man is definitely going to be a Cardinal’s baseball player some day, he looks way too good in that jersey.

I had a great time with Austin! He LOVED that cake, I don’t think I have seen a kid destroy it as fast as he did.  Thank you Special Occasion Cakes by Pam for the awesome baseball themed cake.  It was perfect!

Happy Birthday Austin!


Child photography

Harper 2 Years Old

Glitter for the win! Harper hung out with me for a 2 year photo shoot a couple weeks back.  She may not have been too into the whole picture taking thing but she sure did love the glitter.  Of course she didn’t need to be on board for pictures because she rocked it anyway.  I honestly like when the little ones don’t just stand and smile, I love when I can capture their true personality!  Harper is a beauty and I had a great time with her.


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Well I haven’t posted in about two weeks.  Not because I haven’t been doing anything, but because I have.  Although I have been taking pictures for YEARS, I am just breaking into the actual business part of photography.  I have been using any extra moment I have to help build this business and learn how to do things right.  I am not one to just jump into things.  I research, plan, make lists, think, think, think…I’m kind of a nerd about it all honestly.  My goal is to give my clients not only the best products but to give them the best experience possible.

Since I have been doing so much for the business part I have not done very well with my 365 day project.  I have been taking lots of pictures though and will add some for viewing pleasure!


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53: F- First day of school, yes I did them too.  I managed to get a backpack on each kid so I can have a picture of all three each year but this is the best I could get of them at 8am.a-prek


54: G- I’ve never tried to golf but I have it a go this weekend, turns out I’m horrible but at least I had a camera to do what I do!


55: H-My little helper who happens to be potty training so therefore just goes without pants.


56: I- These girls have a great imagination, the rocks were food that they were serving.  As you can see they are serious about their food.


57: This would be J but I didn’t do anything for it. Instead here is one of my littlest enjoying her first time in the sand, she just loved it in her hands.


58: K- Knife, my dad or Grandpa Lopez as he is called in our house is known to have a knife on hand at all times.


59: L- Lake Shelbyville is where we spent our weekend, how beautiful!



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Haven’t posted in about a week and have done some serious slacking.  For some reason this was just not my week.  Nothing bad has happened, I just have had zero motivation.  That being said I have not done well with pictures.  I did get some new presets and have been playing around with them but haven’t taken my camera out much.  Bad I know.

I took some and have added them below.  To try and help bring back motivation I found a new photo idea list that goes through the alphabet.  I think this could be fun and help me think out of the box more.  I started today and will post today’s picture and hopefully tomorrows sometime tomorrow night!