Photo Challenge Day 2: Light

Todays challenge is all about light.  When taking a picture it is very important to consider light. Lighting can make or break a picture, yes you can up exposure (lighten) in post processing but it is very important to consider where light is coming from and using natural light is preferred over flash.  When outside you have harsh light where the sun is straight on your subject or you have soft light.  You can get soft light by staying in the shadows outside or by using the light coming through a window.  The challenge of today was to use soft light.

I am a day late at posting my Day 2 challenge but this is my picture for soft light.  It was taken outside in the shadows.




Just a pair of Green Boots

We took a trip to my parents this weekend to help build a fence.  Eli and Avery had a great time playing outside, especially since no one made them put clothes on!  Eli was also excited to wear his new green boots. Since I just received my brand new 50mm lens in the mail earlier in the week I decided to test it out over the weekend.  It is a great lens and I think I captured some good pictures of the kids playing around outside.  My main focus of the shoot was Eli’s green boots, as you can see!!  I also played around with a new editing style.  It’s definitely different than the bold colors a lot of others do but I kinda love it.  Very happy how they turned out.

Green Boots


First Upgrade

In photography the equipment you use is not everything.  A good photographer can get a great picture no matter what they are shooting with, but…..good equipment just makes that great picture that much better.  Say hello to my new 50!!

This 50mm fixed zoom has amazing quality, especially compared to the lens that came with my camera.  It is amazing the difference it makes.  So far I am so happy with this purchase.  It is going to take me a little bit to get use to not being able to zoom in and out but I think this will make me just a tad bit better since I really need to think about the picture I want and move myself closer or farther.  This will for sure keep me on my toes and give me an even better picture.  One step closer to my dream!!