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Green Family | Urbana family photographer

What a great family this was.  I had so much fun playing with Miss Jovie. By the end we became great friends and I even got a great big Jovie hug.  Seriously how adorable are they!collage

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53: F- First day of school, yes I did them too.  I managed to get a backpack on each kid so I can have a picture of all three each year but this is the best I could get of them at 8am.a-prek


54: G- I’ve never tried to golf but I have it a go this weekend, turns out I’m horrible but at least I had a camera to do what I do!


55: H-My little helper who happens to be potty training so therefore just goes without pants.


56: I- These girls have a great imagination, the rocks were food that they were serving.  As you can see they are serious about their food.


57: This would be J but I didn’t do anything for it. Instead here is one of my littlest enjoying her first time in the sand, she just loved it in her hands.


58: K- Knife, my dad or Grandpa Lopez as he is called in our house is known to have a knife on hand at all times.


59: L- Lake Shelbyville is where we spent our weekend, how beautiful!




Big Step

I have been holding off growing my business and putting it out there out of fear.  Well I have decided to just take the leap and make myself public to the world of Facebook and Instagram.  Yes I have invaded social media and finally put myself out there for everyone to see.  I can do this and am so excited for the opportunity to prove it!!

Follow me on Instagram @heatherlakephotography and “like” me on Facebook.




Starting off a new photo series for my photo project, the alphabet!  It is making things interesting to try and think of what to photograph that goes with the letter of the day.  I’m hoping this little series will help me continue to be successful with my photo project.

48: A- Avery of course


49: B- Black and white (always look for a chance to do one of these)


50: C- Camping


51: D- Dancing


52: E- Entertainment, whoever decided to make DVD players for the car is genius, we sat in the car for 15 minutes after getting home so they could finish their movie!




I swear I am trying to take pictures of something other than my kids.  It’s just so hard to do.  I have a lot of different lists of ideas for photos and they just all seem to involve my kids. Plus it’s so hard not to use them when I am with them 24/7 well and they are amazing models!  I found some new lists that I will have to break out and use more objects, things that are pretty different for me but I am trying to not take every picture this year of just my kids.

34: Best Part of my Job-  Best parts are all the smilesDSC_0220

35: Something funny- I have no idea what was funny but they think something is

36: Relax-  feet up and definitely relaxed on our walk


Photo Gallery Change

Well I’m only a few months into this and I already had to switch photo galleries.  The first few galleries I did you can find at here. I really liked the gallery but I found one that is a lot cheaper and holds more photos.  From now on you can find my galleries at the new site HERE!  I will still send the link to specific galleries to you when your photos are ready to be viewed but in case you want to browse some of my other session feel free to look around!



Miss Isabella

I had a lot of fun this weekend with this little one.  She definitely made me work for my pictures but it was so much fun.  I love working with kids, they may not be cooperative all the time but you can chase them around and do silly things and they love it.  And look at her boots!!!  Just love it all!




Day 4 Photo Challenge: Clearing the clutter & Happy 4th of July!

Two posts in one day since I didn’t post yesterday.  The challenge for today was to clear the clutter.  When we take pictures at home it’s easy to not notice the clutter in the background.  The challenge was to take a portrait and to pay attention to the background by either moving the subject or move yourself to get a nice clean background that compliments the subject.

Given that it’s the 4th of July I decided to take one outside with the flag in the background. I cleared the clutter and thought about the background.  Very happy how this one turned out. DSC_0551

Thought I would throw in another one where I paid close attention to the background. Happy 4th of July all!!!



Day 3 Photo Challenge: Negative Space

In photography negative space has become a popular technique to give a dramatic effect to the subject.  It is used a lot in advertisement so they can add text to the picture and still capture the subject without covering it.  It is also used a lot in family/portrait photography to give a different feel.

I didn’t have a lot of time or area to take this picture and it isn’t exactly what I was going for but it is negative space.  I do like this picture though, I like his serious look!