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Standard Sessions

Every Friday it is my plan to highlight the different sessions and products I offer.  I will be giving information on what is included in these sessions, tips for them, how and when to book, as well as the price or prices of each session.  I’m hoping this will give everyone a detailed overview of what I offer in order to make the right decision on choosing a photo session that fits your needs and budget.


The first session I would like to highlight is my Standard Session.  This session is my most booked session and is great for families, milestones, maternity, engagements, or holiday pictures.  As with all of my session, the location is completely up to you as long as it is within an hour’s driving time for me.  I do have a couple favorite spots if you do not have something in mind and an indoor location to use for those cold winter months or newborn sessions.

Standard sessions are up to 1 hour long.  I say up to one hour because there are a lot of little ones who decide after about 30 minutes that they are done.  If this is the case, no big deal, I will work with your child until he/she is ready to be done.  In some cases your little one might just need a break, a few minutes to run around could make a big difference.  I will never force your child to take pictures.  I have learned with my own children, the more you force, the less they will do.  If your child does not want to cooperate that is ok, I have spent many hours chasing kids around and trust me sometimes these are the best pictures!

During the one hour session I will take as many pictures as needed.  Sometimes this means we get a lot or it could mean that we only get a few.  I will do my best to get as many different poses and a different variety of images for your gallery but I like to tell those with small children to have low expectations, you just never know how your little one will act that day.  After your session I will upload all your pictures and pick the best 25-30 to upload to your gallery.  Galleries usually take around 2 weeks to be available, a little longer depending on the time of year.  The Standard Session includes 15 fully edited digital images with print release, meaning out of the 25-30 images in your gallery (maybe less depending on how the session went) you will get to choose the 15 YOU like the best .  Once you have chosen your images, I will send you their files along with the print release.  I do offer professional prints through a photographer only print lab but I do not require you to print through me.  If you happen to like all of your images or a few more than 15 you can purchase additional digital files for $10/image.  You can also purchase prints of images not included in your chosen 15.  You will not only receive the print but also the digital file for the image as well.  So many options!!

So to summarize my Standard Session is up to 1 hour of session time and includes 15 fully edited, high resolution images with print release.  This session starts at $150!  You can add on extra digital images or prints at an additional price.  If you have a large party or extended family you would like photographed I adjust the package a little bit to include 1.5 hours of session time and 20 digital images for $250. I can also customize your session to include more if needed.

I book Standard Sessions throughout the year with fall being by far the busiest.  If you know there is a certain time you would like pictures taken of your adorable little one or your beautiful family, contact me to book at any time!!


Child photography

Rylan 2 years|Villa Grove Child Photographer

My little girl is 2 years old!  I want to cry thinking about how fast it has gone and although I am with her everyday, it doesn’t seem like enough time.  I am so beyond blessed that I have gotten to see my babies grow, I just can’t believe how much they have grown in such a short time.  Rylan especially has grown a lot this year, although not in size (she is still only in the 3rd percentile) she is so smart and talkative.  She has gone from barely being able to speak to holding conversations with full comprehension.  I think she is going to be like big sister and be ahead of her age.

As I say every time I post about my children, I am so thankful that God has blessed me with this little girl.  She is a beautiful ray of sunshine in all of our worlds, she is a little comedian, so very lovable, and makes everyone around her continually smile.  She of course has her moments, but we love her through them with all our hearts.  I always wanted to be a mom and cannot thank God enough for blessing me enough to be the mom of these amazing little ones.

Happy Birthday Miss Rylan Jo!  Our world is so much better with you in it.


Child photography

Avery 5 Years Old|Villa Grove Child Photographer

We are a little late completing these pictures but I am so glad we were able to finally get them done!  Since Avery was born I have been waiting for her to get big enough to take her pictures in my wedding dress.  This year when we were trying to figure out what to do for her 5 year pictures I decided this would be the perfect year!!  I am so happy with how these came out and I can’t wait to do them with Rylan when she turns 5.  Avery had so much fun wearing the dress and just gleamed with excitement the whole time.  She is my beautiful, super smart, sassy, girly girl.  I really can’t believe she is already 5 years old and ready to head off to kindergarten next year. I am so proud of her and I can’t thank God enough for choosing me to be her mom!