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Print Products and Sizing

I did a post a while back on how important having prints are.  I love seeing images in print, I print my images all the time, probably not as much as I should but I do print, and I love seeing pictures as wall art!

That being said, choosing the right size for wall art is as important as the image itself.  An amazing picture can be lost if the image is too small for the display it is placed in.  Below is a comparison of image sizes.  Some people love their pictures to cover the walls, while others prefer smaller frames on a side table or on a shelf.  There is no wrong way to display, as long as you are happy with it!

As you can see, larger images work so well as wall displays.  In person the 30 x 40 would look massive, but once hung on a big wall could look perfect.  When having pictures taken, it is important to consider where you want to display your images, what you want to print and what size and orientation you are looking for.  Once you decided, it’s even more important to tell your photographer.  In my questionnaire I send to all my clients, I want to know how they plan to display their images so I can make sure I have a few different options for them.  I have a place on my wall I like to keep updated images but I need a specific orientation for them, therefore when I take pictures I make sure to get one I know will fit in the space I have designated for it.  I also know the size I need and that changes how I take the image.

In my print packages I give a set number of digital images with print release.  I do this because I know how much everyone wants those digital images to share on social media or create fun photo books and I know not everyone can afford the prints I offer.  I use a professional, photographer only print lab who prints on the highest quality, long lasting photo paper.  Like most things, quality some times means a larger price tag, print products are no different.  So as much as I would love to be able to print your images I understand if that does not work for you.  I do offer all sizes, so a small wallet to share with friends or a giant 30×50 to cover your wall.  I can do gallery wraps, wood prints, metal prints, photo books, and lots more.  If you are interested in prints just email and I can give you a quote!

If you can swing the price, I highly recommend printing from your photographer and here is why…
1. Quality:  the products printed from professional print labs are of the highest quality, they are made to last decades without fading or warping.
2. You see what you get: 1 hour print labs such as Walmart or Target are great for snapshots but not as much for professional images.  When I print you pictures for you, what you see on your screen is what your image will look like when printed.  Check this out to see what I mean.
3. Crop: Different size images require a different crop on the image itself.  Look at the difference between an 8×10 and a 5×7.  When I crop sometimes I have to go in and extend the background to ensure the crop does not cut off heads, arms or whole people.  This is unfortunately is not an option when printed somewhere else.

4. Convenience: Lets face it, after you receive your images unless you do something with them immediately, you tend to forget about them.  Unless you really need to update a picture you end up just leaving them in the digital world.  After you receive your gallery from me, you start thinking about what you want printed and instead of having to figure out where to print them, do all the adjustments (crop, paper type…) you just let me know what image and size and I take care of the rest!  So easy and at the end you have high quality prints!!!

My goal as a photographer is to capture moments that will last forever.   It is important for me that my clients are in love with their pictures, that they will cherish them and look at them for years to come.  I do my best to ensure you receive the best print products possible!



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