52 Week Personal Photo Project

52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 9-12

Week 9: Still Life
Taking pictures of still life seems easy but it takes a bit more to make them interesting.  Me, not a still life photographer.  I shoot people but I gave it a go.  I love reflections so I went with that!


Week 10: Perspective
Didn’t really get a good one of this, I kind of showed this one in another weeks so I went ahead and just took a picture for fun.  It is a little bit different perspective.



Week 11: Split Tone

On the side panel in Lightroom there is a Split Tone Panel.  This Panel controls highlights and shadows, learn more here.  I used this panel to give this image a vintage feel.


This is what the Split Tone Panel looks like.

blog pic

Here is another I did for fun!  Gave it a little bit of a tinted black and white instead of true black and white.



Week 12: Orange

This week was orange, take a picture of something orange, an actual orange, however orange is interpreted.  I took this picture of my little one playing on her small slide.  Of course you can’t see any orange but there is orange on the slide.  This one was my favorite for the day though!

(I used this cutie a lot since she still cooperates for me!!)



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