52 Week Personal Photo Project, Child photography

52 Week Photo Challenge: Weeks 6-8

Week 6

Ok so I didn’t do this one.  I have no excuse, honestly I didn’t really like the topic and had a hard time finding something to fit.  Plus life got hectic so I just decided to skip it.

I did however take a picture for Memorial Day so I will share that one instead!  I LOVE this picture.  I had another idea of what I wanted to do, it was along the same lines but my kids were being kids so we took this one in the front yard while Daddy stayed close to make sure the flag didn’t touch the ground.  I am really happy with how it turned out.  This one will probably go on our wall!!



Week 7: Forgotten

The idea of this week was to take a picture to tell a story of something forgotten or abandoned.  I’m sorry that I didn’t get too creative with this one.  I did not leave my house this week and instead of showing the massive amount of forgotten dishes in my sink, I chose this toy.

I have three little ones and they are great at destroying my house in a matter of minutes.  So no matter how much I clean, my house always looks, lets say, lived in!  Every day before nap and night before bed all the toys have to be cleaned up.  Every time the kids get everything picked up but one toy.  It’s not the same toy each time but there is always one that gets left out, usually making it all the way to the door of the playroom but never in.  I chose Jake, from Jake and the Neverland Pirates of course, as my forgotten.  Everything else was placed in it’s home for the night but on this particular night, not Jake.  This poor guy was left right outside the door, so close yet so far… The good thing for Mr. Jake though is that in the morning, he will be the first toy played with 🙂



Week 8: One Shot

This weeks challenge was to take one shot and only one shot.  The idea is to really think about what you are going to take a picture of.  Focus has to be nailed, composition has to be planned and timing (at least in my case) needs to be perfect.  With little ones, I usually have to take multiple shots in a short amount of time if I want one of them looking at the camera or actually smiling.  They move fast!  So to challenge myself I took a picture of miss Rylan inside at home, since she never stop when we are home.  I use back button focus so I needed to make sure not only that my focus point was correct but that my actual focus was as well.  I wasn’t too worried about her actually looking at me since I prefer lifestyle but I did have to make sure my shutter speed was fast enough to catch her if she was moving.

Not the best picture I have ever taken but I think I accomplished my task.  She is in focus, no blur from motion, I framed the image well using the rule of thirds and even managed to get her looking AND smiling at me.  My one shot is a keeper! 🙂



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