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52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 5

Week 5 of my personal 52 week photo challenge is Ten Shots.  This weeks challenge was to take 10 shots of the same subject or in my case I chose an activity my kids were doing.  The idea for this is to take shots from different angles, distances and focal lengths.

Shooting from different perspectives can really change the feel and story of a picture.  I love to change things up and try to shoot from different angles and distances regularly.  Laying on the ground or standing on a stool to take a picture can make a huge difference in an image.  Of course everyone wants that one good picture of the whole family looking at the camera and smiling to display on their wall but I enjoy detail shots.  Getting up close and personal to my subjects and capturing the details.  This challenge was a lot of fun and left lots of room for creativity.

Here are a couple links that have examples of different perspectives to try and the importance of perspective, check them out!

Here is a good example of changing the perspective.  This first image is a typical image of kids painting.  Oh and you’ve got to love that face big sister is giving!! Again pretty standard picture I as a mom would take of my kiddos painting.  I was standing normally and a few feet away from them.


Now for this one I got down on my knees and really focused on the painting, not the kids.  I love how you can see his messy paint covered hand and the paint on the table.  To me it gives a completely different feel than the one above.  I know from this one just how painting with a 2 year old is, not just that he is doing it.


I let my kids paint and enjoy as I stood on a chair, knelt down,  took a few steps back and a few steps closer to them and just tried different things.  I really love some of the images and can’t wait to print them and put them up in our toy room!  Here are my 10 shots for week 5.

10 shots collage





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