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Photo Project Week 2: SOOC

This weeks challenge was to post a picture SOOC (straight out of camera) meaning just uploading it straight from the SD card with absolutely no edits.  This is a great challenge actually.  Far too often photographers rely on editing software to “fix” their images.  Obviously I edit my pictures, all photographers do anymore just to get each image to its full potential.  A good picture can become great with just a few simple edits.  I am not one who completely transforms images in Photoshop though, I do use it for some more involved editing, but I prefer images to look and feel real.  I like true emotion and color.  I do have a few editing styles that I like and tend to use them when they work but overall I like real.

The challenge this week was a good one for me since I have been working very hard on getting my images as good as possible in camera so that my editing time is cut down a lot.  Having pictures done correctly with the camera saves LOTS of time and gives better results in the end.  There is so much that goes into taking pictures with a camera, way more than just pointing and shooting.  Here is a good post about the power of SOOC and some tips to achieving it.  Every day I am learning and experimenting on what works for me to create the perfect, or as close to it as possible, image straight out of camera!

Here are two images I took while playing around with my kiddos.  I did all the adjustments in camera and just uploaded the images off my SD card.


I’m pretty proud of these images.  Overall they look pretty good.  Color is good, crop is good, and exposure is ok, a bit bright but pretty good.  I find the biggest challenge for me to get perfect in camera is white balance.  This is the overall color of the image.  When shooting outdoors you can notice images looking a little blue, or when shooting indoors images tend to be yellow or orange. This is the white balance.  The goal is to get white to look white.  I have been breaking away from auto white balance and giving manual a try. So far so good!

Really these SOOC images are good.  I made it easy for myself by placing them in front of a white door in natural lighting from the windows.  When outside, white balance can be a challenge when moving to different locations, or turning towards different lighting sources.  Overall I am happy with my challenge this week.

I did edit the images just to show the small adjustments I would make.  Still nothing major and I could just leave the images as it since I feel they look good, but for the sake of continuing to improve I went ahead and did the edits.

Again not too different, just lowered the exposure and adjusted the temperature just slightly.  I also cropped some just for fun.


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