Photo prints in a digital world

In this digital age it is so easy to take pictures with our phones or pay for pictures that you receive digitally and just share them on social media, never getting around to printing them.  More and more it is becoming less common to have pictures printed at all.

I LOVE prints, I really really do.  Seeing the pictures in print is so much better to me.  Having pictures in print I can put them on the walls for all to see, I can put them in albums to look at for years and year, and I can give them as gifts for family to do the same.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to having pictures printed.  I love that when I look around my home I can see all the amazing pictures of my kids, traveling down memory lane everywhere I look.  As a mom of three, time goes by so fast and I love seeing baby pictures and being reminded of all the small details I no longer remember on a daily basis.

As a photographer I know how important it is to clients to offer digital images.  Everyone likes to share their pictures for friends and family to see.  The option to print where ever you want is also a plus with digital images.  The issue is actually getting them printed.  To me prints are so very important.  Here is a blog by a fellow photographer talking about the importance of prints.  The post is more of a rant but it still gets the point across.


Not only is it important to have prints but to have good quality prints.  I print through a professional, photographer only, print lab whose prints are meant to last a lifetime.  They are super high quality and will not fade over time.  Any print bigger than an 8×10 will be mounted on a styrene board to ensure the pictures do not get bent or warp over time.  As I mentioned before, I love prints.  I spend the money to make sure my prints will last and I make sure I offer the same opportunity to all my amazing clients.


I will never push having your pictures printed through me.  It is not my place to do so, but I highly recommend looking at the difference between professional print labs and 1 hour labs.  As important as it is to have a picture printed, is is even more important to have it last.  Although memories are forever, sometimes we need a little visual reminder!





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