52 Week Personal Photo Project

52 Week Photo Project: Week 1

Week 1: Rule of Thirds

Week 1 in my 52 week personal photo project is focusing on the Rule of Thirds.  This is something every photographer learns right away.  It is the one rule most, if not all, pictures are based on.  For me I use the rule of thirds without even thinking about it anymore so my pictures this week are pretty normal for me.  I did however pay better attention in order to show the rule a little better.  This rule is again a guideline for pictures but not the only way, this rule is one that can be broken and still have great composition or “balance” in a picture.  If you want to learn more about the Rule of Thirds HERE is a helpful link.

This picture is of my youngest.  I just love capturing pictures of them doing every day things, like playing with rocks.


I followed the rule of thirds here by keeping her in 2/3 of the picture and aiming to have the center of her face (usually on eye, I’m a little off) on an intersection point of the grid.  Have you every noticed the grid that is either in your camera viewfinder or when you go to edit your pictures?  This is to help with this rule.  Below you can see how I used the rule in this picture.


The grid is very helpful especially when cropping your pictures.  If you want to learn about photography I highly recommend reading about this rule.  Again the rule can be broken but it is a great way to obtain good composition in you pictures!

This week while using and focusing on the Rule of Thirds I also aimed to tell a story, a story about who my children are and how we spend out time.  Here are some more pictures I captured this week.  Apparently I also aimed to get all my kids in the exact same spot in my pictures, clearly I have a go-to.

Hope you enjoy following along on this project with me, I’m excited to keep growing as a photographer and help others learn with me!



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