Child photography, Photo challenge


I managed to get a picture for every day this week!  Woohoo GO me!  Now I will admit that I did not TAKE a picture everyday but used pictures that I took days ago as well.  I feel that not only is it important for me to take pictures but also to edit them.  So I used older pictures to edit them to get the practice at that too. I also didn’t take all of these with me DSLR, a few are from my Iphone.   Again not ideal but it is more about the practice of taking the pictures and editing them than using the camera itself. I do need the practice with my camera of course but this 365 day challenge is to become a better photographer and that is done by seeing something and taking a picture, learning the camera, and editing.  As long as I’m doing one of these things it is learning in my eyes!

29: Gather- every time we go on a walk my kids have to pick up every stick they find.  They have fun though so go for it kids!


30: Follow-  this one was done with my phone so bad quality but I still like the picture


31: Flower- Tried to take this at a different angle.  Really trying to branch our of my comfort zone and shoot other things besides people.


32: Most important meal-  not a great picture by any means, definitely need practice with food photography


33: Imagination- my favorite picture I took this week editing my favorite way!  Just love



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