Child photography

Black and White

I love black and white! Honestly a lot of times it is my go-to edit.  Now that I am taking professional pictures I am doing a lot less black and white and trying to stick with color.  Color pictures are great, I love color I really do but you just got to love a good black and white.  Also a little photography tip, it is a great fall back edit.  I often get pictures that are too dark so end up grainy, pictures where I can’t get the color right or the colors are just blending too much.  Turn that picture to a black and white and not only does it cover what you can’t fix but it makes it a whole new picture! It’s amazing. I thought since I have been doing so many color pictures I would give my black and white some love and have a little fun with it!

*Not only do I like black and white but I apparently really like taking pictures of kids looking down!! HAHA


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