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My Pretty Girl

I know I haven’t finished my 7 day photo challenge but I plan to post the last picture tonight.  Until then I decided to post some pictures of my little beauty, Miss Avery!

I love and hate taking pictures of this one.  I love it because she is usually pretty cooperative and she is gorgeous.  I don’t even have to try to get her to look good, it’s all natural.  I also hate it because every time I snap a picture she just looks more and more grown up.  I get that she is, obviously, but it is sad that she isn’t looking like my little baby any more.

This is why I love taking pictures.  Time doesn’t stand still, but a picture does.  Capturing these moments in time can only be done with photography.  I can capture a beautiful moment that can be looked at, remembered and cherished forever.  In a few years I will look back on these pictures and cry remembering how little and innocent she was.

Child photography, Portfolio

Day 6 Photo Challenge: looking down

The photo challenge for today was looking down.  Just like black and white this one is pretty self explanatory.  For this shot you simply take from above looking down.  This is mostly used by photographers by placing their subject on their backs and standing over them as they lay on the ground.

I decided to do this one a little differently.  While it is still looking down I focused on details rather than just the person.  Another photo challenge where I am very happy with the outcome!


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Day 5 Photo Challenge: Black and White

Black and white, there isn’t much to say about this one.  I personally love black and white.  Not every picture makes a good black and white though and that is what this challenge was about. To make a good black and white you need a picture that has true black and true whites.  One that is in between just turns grey and dull.

I tried something a little different with this picture.  Not only did I do the black and white but I re-visited the negative space again and added in my watermark just to try it out.  I’m really happy with how this turned out!



Day 4 Photo Challenge: Clearing the clutter & Happy 4th of July!

Two posts in one day since I didn’t post yesterday.  The challenge for today was to clear the clutter.  When we take pictures at home it’s easy to not notice the clutter in the background.  The challenge was to take a portrait and to pay attention to the background by either moving the subject or move yourself to get a nice clean background that compliments the subject.

Given that it’s the 4th of July I decided to take one outside with the flag in the background. I cleared the clutter and thought about the background.  Very happy how this one turned out. DSC_0551

Thought I would throw in another one where I paid close attention to the background. Happy 4th of July all!!!



Day 3 Photo Challenge: Negative Space

In photography negative space has become a popular technique to give a dramatic effect to the subject.  It is used a lot in advertisement so they can add text to the picture and still capture the subject without covering it.  It is also used a lot in family/portrait photography to give a different feel.

I didn’t have a lot of time or area to take this picture and it isn’t exactly what I was going for but it is negative space.  I do like this picture though, I like his serious look!



Photo Challenge Day 2: Light

Todays challenge is all about light.  When taking a picture it is very important to consider light. Lighting can make or break a picture, yes you can up exposure (lighten) in post processing but it is very important to consider where light is coming from and using natural light is preferred over flash.  When outside you have harsh light where the sun is straight on your subject or you have soft light.  You can get soft light by staying in the shadows outside or by using the light coming through a window.  The challenge of today was to use soft light.

I am a day late at posting my Day 2 challenge but this is my picture for soft light.  It was taken outside in the shadows.



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Photo Challenge Day 1

As I continue to learn and better my photography I have decided to try and take a picture every day for a year, a 365 day challenge.  To start off my personal photo challenge I’m taking part in a 7 day challenge that comes with a small lesson.  To keep up with the blog and really get my work out there I will be posting my photos daily to weekly so keep checking back to see my progress.

Photo Challenge Day 1: Fill the frame
The goal of this lessen is to improve your composition by getting up close and showing details.  I have no problem doing this since I LOVE to fill the frame.  It is honestly one of my favorite shots to get.

I took this the other day (I know cheating) but I love it.  I love the expression, since she does this all the time, I love the light and I love how its up close and personal and look at those eyes!!  It makes for a great portrait and one that I would gladly hang on the wall. These shots are ones parents love because it shows the kid!