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My Pretty Girl

I know I haven’t finished my 7 day photo challenge but I plan to post the last picture tonight.  Until then I decided to post some pictures of my little beauty, Miss Avery!

I love and hate taking pictures of this one.  I love it because she is usually pretty cooperative and she is gorgeous.  I don’t even have to try to get her to look good, it’s all natural.  I also hate it because every time I snap a picture she just looks more and more grown up.  I get that she is, obviously, but it is sad that she isn’t looking like my little baby any more.

This is why I love taking pictures.  Time doesn’t stand still, but a picture does.  Capturing these moments in time can only be done with photography.  I can capture a beautiful moment that can be looked at, remembered and cherished forever.  In a few years I will look back on these pictures and cry remembering how little and innocent she was.


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