Child photography

Photo Challenge Day 1

As I continue to learn and better my photography I have decided to try and take a picture every day for a year, a 365 day challenge.  To start off my personal photo challenge I’m taking part in a 7 day challenge that comes with a small lesson.  To keep up with the blog and really get my work out there I will be posting my photos daily to weekly so keep checking back to see my progress.

Photo Challenge Day 1: Fill the frame
The goal of this lessen is to improve your composition by getting up close and showing details.  I have no problem doing this since I LOVE to fill the frame.  It is honestly one of my favorite shots to get.

I took this the other day (I know cheating) but I love it.  I love the expression, since she does this all the time, I love the light and I love how its up close and personal and look at those eyes!!  It makes for a great portrait and one that I would gladly hang on the wall. These shots are ones parents love because it shows the kid!


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